Additional Comments Fields - CommentXFields Module

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Additional Comments Fields - CommentXFields Module

CommentXFields module adds additional four types for comments: «String», «Multple Lines», «Gallery of images» and «Video YouTube». You can output in the form of adding comments several fields of one type, for example, type «String» can be used to enter the address of the site, Telegraph, Skype by the author comments, etc. The module is calculated on all versions of DLE from 10.6 and above (UTF-8 or Windows-1251 encoding), the installation is fully automatic. Warning, the module does not work in "Answer to comment" if the tree comments are included.

Additional features:

  • You can specify user groups that are allowed access to fill the fields when adding a comment and viewing field values ​​
  • Unlike standard DLE fields, separate templates are used to display elements of the form and values ​​of additional fields, which extends the ability to set up and use. To handle templates data, an advanced templateizer TWIG ( documentation in Russian )
  • For galleries of images, you can limit the weight, number and formats of files. Using the parameters, you can use the width and height of the images using CSS and their previews
  • For field type «String» You can use the output format, which will output, for example, not just a regular site URL, and in the form of reference
  • Using Ajax and sending data forms by keyboard shortcut «Ctrl + Enter». For more comfortable work in the admin panel.

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