Sectional subpages - PostSections module

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Sectional subpages - PostSections module

The module is designed to create sectional sub-triggers for news that will be associated with the main news of the parent. Each subpatch has all the features and functions of standard DLE news, for example, they can be categorized, additional fields are assigned, comments are appointed, and the like. With the help of the module, you can create, for example, the site of the game themes and in each game to display a list of references categories: reviews, news, passage, cheats, about the game. When you go on this link, a list of news owned by parent news and this category will be displayed. The module is designed for all versions of DLE from 10.2 and above (UTF-8 encoding)

Section categories are used to display on the site in parent news in the form of a list and for the withdrawal of subsidiaries during the transition on them. You can use two modes: with the main category and without it. If the first option is selected, then the main sectional category is assigned to subsidiaries subcategories that are assigned to subsidiary subdrances. The addresses of subsidiaries depend on the selected mode.

examples of links in the list of references in the news-parent:

  • where « sections » - alias of the main sectional category, « chity » - Alias ​​of a subsidiary subcategory, « 2-Keep- Your-dreams-simple » - Alias ​​of the subsidiary;
  • where « chity » - alias sectional category, « 2-Keep-Your-Dreams-Simple » - Alias ​​Daughter Subpaste;



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