Auto Subpages for News - AutoSubPages Module

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Auto Subpages for News - AutoSubPages Module

The module is designed to create subdrance for DataLife Engine (Auto Prefix "- is used conditionally). In contrast to the two previous similar modules for subdrains, the subpiparts are created on the basis of additional fields of the main news. For example, adding an additional screenshot field with the "Gallery of Image" type, you can create a "screenshots" section of the section, with the address "", where the contents of the gallery will be displayed. After creating sections and binding additional fields to them, on the pages of adding / editing news in the admin panel and adding news on the site the appropriate tabs will appear with additional fields.

For subdrains Select the desired type of addresses from two options:


For each section, you can specify your meta-tags title, descriptions, keywords and tags "robots". In meta tags, you can use special tags, for example, tag {post.title}   - withdraws the name of the basic news ("Title" field "DLE_POST"), and tag {post.xfvalues.chity_text} - the contents of the additional Fields "Chity_Text".

To output subpartins, a powerful TWIG template is used, the network has documentation in Russian. The variables « section_row » and « post_row » are transmitted to the template, which respectively contain an array of these partition and parent (basic news, table - « dle_post »). For example, the {section_row.title}} tag} in the template will display the name of the current section, and the tag {{post_row.title}} is the name of the news-parent. To display the value of an additional field, the basic news can be used {{post_row.xfvalues.x._notiv_name_notion_name}}. Using TWIG, you can apply conditions in templates using the above variables, for example:
{% if post_row.comm_num> 10%} The number of comments more than ten {% endif%};
{% if post_row.fixed%} News "Located" {% endif%};

In each news, you can display a list of sub-page sections. The distribution has demo template files for the standard DLE version 13.2, which can be used as an example. The module is designed for all versions of DLE from 10.0 and above . When installing, you can choose English module language.


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