Friends on the site - FRIENDS Module

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Friends on the site - FRIENDS Module

Module is designed to create a section « Friends » on the site for DataLife Engine. Users on your site will be able to send / delete / approve requests for friendship.

Brief list of features and features of the module:

  • Output of the list of requests for any state (new, rejected, canceled, deleted) in any template «tpl » with support for additional fields (for example, you can display a list on the user profile page of his friends list)
  • You can also separately display separate applications with any status (new, adopted, rejected, canceled, deleted)
  • For module calls there is a designer that simplifies the job
  • user can choose whether the list of his friends is visible to everyone or only to him
  • List of shared friends
  • Sending notifications to mail and in private messages when creating a friendship request (notifications text can be edited)
  • To display the design, templates are used that processes an advanced TWIG template with extensive functionality
  • User can, when publishing a news and send comments, hide some content using a tag (you can use tag « hide », or specify any other) and only his friends will see the hidden contents
  • The user can disable the ability to add it to friends
  • The user can enable the function « to receive LS only from friends »
  • Automatic installation

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