Lists (playlists) news added to Favorites - Module FavoritesLists

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Lists (playlists) news added to Favorites - Module FavoritesLists

The module is designed to create lists (playlists) for standard bookmarks of registered users on the site for DataLife Engine. The diagram of adding news in bookmarks and viewed created by bookmarks does not change, only the news is added to the current playlist. That is, there is no separate link for each list (playlist), and the standard address "" is used to view the saved bookmarks. The user can create an unlimited number of playlists. Any   playlist can be made current on the module page, where bookmarks (playlists) are displayed. Playlists can be edited (change the name and description), delete and save the sort order on the module page.

In the admin Paul, you can choose user groups that are allowed to access the module on the site. On the site on the module page, a powerful template system twig - documentation in Russian . This gives ample opportunities for the design of the appearance.

The module is designed for all versions of DLE from 10.x and above, the installation is fully automatic. When installing, you can select Russian or English module language.

Video demonstration of work on the site

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